Can our company have multiple users on a single account?

If your company has multiple customers you need to track in your VoiceBase account, we recommend separating your customer data using metadata. VoiceBase would then send you one bill for the entire account, and you could choose how to then bill your own customers.
Alternatively, you could keep track of content uploaded by your customers by creating separate accounts for each one.

Can I use the same email for multiple API tokens?

Once you are set up with an account, you can generate as many tokens as you need.

When does my API token expire?

Our API bearer token should never expire. There are special cases where a temporary one is generated, but all bearer tokens created via the page on the Developer console should be permanent.

How should our team set up the email for our shared account?

Since the email will have the ability to change and recover the password to the account, the most typical setup would be to have a system email used where anyone who needs password access has access to that email.