Twilio Add-on and Integration

What features are available with the VoiceBase High Accuracy Transcription Add-on?

Features available are dual-channel (stereo), PCI detection and redaction, Custom Vocabulary, Keywords and Topics, and Keyword Spotting.
The steps for enabling dual channel with the Add-on may be found here.
The other features may be configured in the Twilio console.

How is billing handled with the Add-on vs a direct VoiceBase-Twilio integration?

With the VoiceBase Add-on to Twilio option, all billing is handled through Twilio.
If you opt for a direct integration, in which calls are recorded by Twilio but then transcribed directly through the VoiceBase API, billing is handled by VoiceBase and set up when you open your VoiceBase account.

What is the difference between the Add-on and a direct VoiceBase-Twilio integration?

The 'VoiceBase High Accuracy Transcription' and 'VoiceBase PCI Detection and Redaction' are Add-ons available through Twilio Marketplace, and may be installed through your Twilio account. These are easy to configure through the Twilio UI and make use of many of the VoiceBase platform features, but not all features are available through the Add-on.

A direct integration means taking your Twilio recordings and transcribing them directly through the VoiceBase API, opening up full use of all features. You will need to create an account with VoiceBase and generate a Bearer Token.
Click here for an integration guide.