Parquet Delivery "How-to"

Step 1: AWS Bucket Setup

  1. In your AWS Account, navigate to the Cloudformation Console.
  2. Click Create Stack > With new resources (Standard)
  3. In the Amazon S3 URL box, enter the Cloudformation Template URL.
  4. In the Stack Name field, type in a name for your Cloudformation Stack, e.g. "voicebase-parquet-delivery"
  5. In the CompanyName field, enter a unique string to represent your company (e.g. "mycompanyinc". This will be used to name your resources.
  6. In the ExternalID field, enter your External ID. This is provided to you by Voicebase and is in the format xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx.
  7. Choose the region your Voicebase account is hosted in (US or EU). Then click Next.
  8. The next screen of stack options is optional. Click Next.
  9. Finally, on the review screen, scroll down to check the box I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources with custom names,
    then click Create Stack.
  10. Once the Cloudformation stack has completed creation, click the Outputs tab and copy the IAMRoleArn (in the format arn:aws:iam:[account number]:role/vb-[CompanyName]-s3-parquet-delivery-role) and the S3Bucket (in the format vb-[CompanyName]-s3-parquet-delivery. You will need these values to enter into the Voicebase Portal.
  11. You will find the S3 bucket created in your list of S3 buckets with the name vb-[CompanyName]-s3-parquet-delivery.

Step 2: VoiceBase Portal Setup

  1. In your VoiceBase account go to Settings/My Account/Edit/Data Output
  2. Check that the Products widget for Enterprise Accelerator (EA) is toggled to Enable. If not, notify your VoiceBase admin.
  3. Fill fields as follows, then click Enable:
    • External ID: provided by VoiceBase, previously entered in AWS/Create Stack
    • S3 Role: IAMRoleArn from AWS Outputs tab, as above
    • Bucket URL: https://{aws-region}{bucket-name}
    • Folder: create a folder name
  4. Go to Manage Data/Jobs Queue/Add Job Queue
  5. Enter appropriate date and click Save
  6. You should see your Sync Warehouse "Pending" and then "Finished"
  7. Check in your S3 Bucket for the folder (name as created above) containing your files in Parquet format.