Amazon Connect

What are the benefits of the integration?

You'll be able to easily transcribe your recordings, surface content and perform predictive analytics, in order to better understand your customer experience, optimize sales, and monitor agent performance. All these capabilities are easy to add to your Amazon Connect instance without complex integrations and training.

Using proprietary algorithms, VoiceBase will automatically detect and extract keywords and topics, which are relevant to an overall recording. These keywords can be used to discover what the recording is about or clicked on for immediate playback. VoiceBase automatically creates topics or clusters of keywords that help facilitate the exploration of a recording by someone unfamiliar with the event.

Keyword/Phrase Spotting allows customers to identify a unique phrase or interaction that is important to the recording that needs to be flagged. This feature is helpful to spot profanity, service errors, product names, marketing campaigns or any other content of interest.

VoiceBase uses its own proprietary deep learning technology to understand “intention” from spoken information. By compiling tens of thousands of columns of data (not just a select number of keywords which often go undetected on a poor quality recording), VoiceBase can build a model to accurately detect almost any signal. This solution can be applied to classify a call or event represented by the full length call such as “Hot Lead” that is likely to close vs. “Non-Prospect”, or it can recognize and deliver time-stamped events such as “positive” or “negative” comments.

What can I do with the integration?

The VoiceBase platform automatically transcribes and indexes uploaded audio files in just minutes, using world-class Artificial Intelligence and speech-to-text technology. Even large files are processed in minutes; VoiceBase parses each audio file and parallel processes the pieces using our advanced technology. After VoiceBase transcribes and indexes the audio files, we return them in JSON format. The resulting transcript is used as the basis for each feature and analytics.

How do I add the VoiceBase integration to Amazon Connect?

The easiest way to add the VoiceBase integration is to visit the AWS Quick Start VoiceBase Integration page and follow the step-by-step directions.

Which VoiceBase features are configurable?

The following VoiceBase features can be configured in Amazon Connect: language selection, number formatting, keyword spotting, PCI redaction, custom vocabulary, profanity filter, and predictions. The Amazon Connect Installation Guide provides full details about this functionality.

How do I configure VoiceBase features in Amazon Connect?

The optional VoiceBase features are configured in Contact Flows in a Set Contact Attributes block. The user populates this block with different keys and values. A list of all available options is located at the bottom of the Amazon Connect Installation Guide.

Who do I contact for more information?

Complete this form to contact a sales specialist for questions or a demonstration.

Who do I contact if I'm having trouble?

Email our Support Department at

How is your solution priced?

Similar to Amazon Connect, VoiceBase services are based on per minute pricing. Speak with a sales specialist at VoiceBase to learn more about pricing options and volume discounts.