VoiceBase API

Format for multi-channel

Any format (mp3, wav, etc) stereo recordings where parties are separated by channel. We currently support stereo. We do not support multi track recordings.

What file formats should be sent for video transcription?

We recommend that customers strip out the audio from video files and only send the audio to VoiceBase. We then send JSON data and time-stamped keywords back and the synchronization is done on the customer’s end. (When a customer does upload video, we do transcoding.)
2 and 8 users - The player plugin is not an API call. It is about 20 or 30 files that we email to a customer in a zip archive. They can put those files on their own server or application. That will allow the player plugin to work. The player plugin works by reading VoiceBase JSON responses. You have 2 options to get the JSON response to the player plugin: Give the player your API Bearer token, enabling it to make API calls to VoiceBase, or store the VoiceBase JSON responses to the customer server and have the player read those.

Do you support files as a URL and also file upload?

Yes. You can pass VoiceBase an accessible url where the recording lives, or attach it to the API request.

Does the API allow custom data to be passed in such as my internal IDs?

Yes, use the metadata attachment - any customer supplied metadata will be passed through.

Can I embed your player plug-in?

We can absolutely take our player plugin UI and embed it in your platform so that it appears native. Contact a Sales Engineer for more information.