For PCI Redaction, am I billed even if a file doesn't contain card data?

Transcription is required for PCI detection and redaction. Even if no PCI data is found, we still charge as we still spend the CPU cycles to look for the data throughout the call.

Am I billed for silence in a submitted file?

We attempt to transcribe exactly what is in the recording, so a completely silent file would result in a completely blank transcript. If only a few words are spoken in a 5 minute call, then the transcript will only contain a few words. We do charge for the entire duration of the call.

What is the cost difference between fast and slower turnaround time?

Talk to Sales about different SLAs that we can set up with you. For example, for voicemail we make very fast SLAs, and for archived content we can make slower SLAs and give you a better price.

How will API usage be billed?

Our standard contract has a minimum of half a minute per recording. We bill for summarized usage. Please contact the sales team if you would like additional information on your particular use case.