Can our company have multiple users on a single account?

Yes, if your company has multiple customers you need to have VoiceBase sub-accounts for, we can set this up for you. The parent account would have a "SuperAdmin" or "SuperAnalyst" role, and appropriate roles and permissions may be set for each sub-account.

Can I use the same email for multiple API tokens?

Once you are set up with an account, you can generate as many tokens as you need.

How can I add more users to an account?

Go to Settings>Add User and fill out the Create User form, which will require Name,Email, and setting a Role for the new user.

I'm having trouble logging in.

Please contact if you are locked out of your account or need your activation link re-sent. If you need to reset your password, please click on the "Need help signing in?" link on the signin page.

When does my API token expire?

Our API bearer token should never expire. There are special cases where a temporary one is generated, but all bearer tokens created via the page on the Developer console should be permanent.

In a multi-account scenario, is each account associated with a separate email?

Yes, each sub-account may be associated with its own email address, but the main or parent account user may access all of their customer sub-accounts by logging in once with their own email address.