Human Transcriptions

What is the cost for Human Transcription?

Prices range from $1.00/min to $3.00/min, depending on which option you choose from the price grid. Prices are based on desired accuracy percentage, turnaround time and number of reviews required.

Do you transcribe in languages other than English?

Human transcriptions are available in English, German, Italian, French, and Spanish, and you can see the options available under "Other Language Human Transcription". Set your language preference to the appropriate language in your account when you upload your file by going to My Account/Personal Information/Edit and choosing and saving it from the dropdown menu.

Can I use my free credits for Human Transcription orders?

No, the free credits are for machine transcription only.

What is the difference between Speaker ID and Speaker Turns?

With Speaker ID, the transcript will differentiate by name between two speakers. With Speaker Turns, the different speakers are delineated only by >> symbols in the transcription.

Which price option is most appropriate for my needs?

To the right of the grid, you'll see a breakdown of use cases for the transcriptions. For example, legal use requires 3 human reviews, whereas lecture or similar requires 1; this provides a guideline for choosing appropriate options for price and other considerations.